Selling a Bike

Selling your bike online can be difficult, time consuming, and hard to get the right price. When you sell your bike with an EXACT cycle Quality Assurance Certificate, your bike stands out to potential buyers who are prepared to pay more for an independently verified bicycle.

What to expect

1 GN
You’ll be greeted by a friendly EXACT cycle mechanic who will help you decide on the assessment level that’s right for you.
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Then the Mechanic will conduct the relevant assessment of your bicycle.
Finally the mechanic will ask for your contact details and your Quality Assurance Certificate is sent to you. Simple!

How to use the certificate

Your Certificate will be emailed to you following your assessment.
Upload the certificate image along with pictures of your bike when you list your bike online.
bike soup example
bike soup example
The certificate will be attached as an image to the email.
Avoid big commissions by selling your bike through Preloved or BikeExchange.
Preloved example
Preloved example

Find an Assessment Centre

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