5 Tips for selling your bike online

Selling your old bike can be an arduous task, however a few simple tips can help make this process smooth, faster and more profitable for you.
The process of selling your bike isn’t a difficult one but there are a few things you can do to maximise the amount of money you get for your old bike, and after all, who doesn’t like extra money!

1- Take great pictures

It might sound obvious but we do most of our thinking with our eyes, so when potential purchasers are scrolling through countless pictures of bicycles yours needs to jump out and say ” BUY ME!”. only a few years ago, to get the top notch pictures we used to have to borrow a friends DSLR camera in order to get the best snaps. Now however, we we are all professional photographers with the technology in our pockets.
Find a simple background in a place where you can lean your bike up. Ideally you want you bike to be facing the light so that shaddows arent cast over the bike so either use a well lit room or wait for that sun to come out. Early morning is the best time.
Take photos of the part of the bike that matter. zoom in to captur detail of the brakes and gears as this helps purchasers get a better idea of the bikes condition.


So often we see bikes for sale that would easily sell for 20% more if the owner had just taken the time to clean their bike. There are hundreds of different cleaning products out there but make sure you use something that isn’t going to harm the components of your bike. My personal favourite is Wickens and Soderstrom, I find this to be super effective at removing the tough dirt and leaves the bike with a great shine that also protects the frame.
Go through the bike in detail to make sure it looks the best possible.

Top tip – A small amount of black shoe polish on the tyres helps give that showroom look to the bike. Just be careful not to get any on the breaking surface!

3- Choose where you sell it.

Where you sell your bike also matters a lot as different types of cyclists people go to different websites to look for bikes. For instance if you are looking to sell a mountain bike then Pinkbike.com has a great classified ads section. Whilst EBay may have the highest number of bikes listed they also have the highest commission rates too. They want a whopping 10% of the money you make from selling your bike!
Bikesoup is a fantastic place to sell your high end bicycle as they specialise in bikes that are a cut above the rest. they also have a fantastic listing process that make providing the details of you bike super simple.
Preloved is another great classified ad site with a huge number of daily visitors. the site has a friendly atmosphere and this amounts to a very enjoyable selling experience.

4- Description

Purchasers love to see that you can take care of your bike so shout about any upgrades you might have. Be honest and clear with your description. take the time to highlight any areas of the bike that might not be perfect. this helps your listing seem more trust worthy. Personally I have always found it helps to tell people why you are selling your bike too. It might not sound like much but it helps build on that notion of trust and reassurance.

5- EXACTcycle Quality assurance certificate

If you really want your bike to stand out from the crowd and maximise your profits then get a Quality assurance certificate for your bicycle. Selling your bike with one of these can help you sell your bike for up to 20% more as potential purchasers are prepared to pay extra for a bike they know has had a full safety check. After all wouldn’t you want that piece of mind?
Exact cycle offer 3 assessment levels to suit your needs. They offer a Basic assessment at £10, Safety assessment at £15, and an Elite assessment at £35 for those top level bikes. Getting your bike assessed is the ultimate display of honesty and really makes your bike stand out to purchasers. After all if you were buying a bike wouldn’t you want one that had been assessed by a third party?

You can find your nearest assessment centre here

Use these 5 top tips to help get the most for your old bike!